Our Brands



Vuma is South Africa’s favourite FNO (according to the 2024 Analytico survey), and also the fastest-growing consumer fibre network in South Africa, having already passed 2 million homes. Vuma now offers tailored solutions to emerging and underserved communities through affordable and sustainable technology.


Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) has been rolling out fibre networks since 2007 and is synonymous with optical infrastructure. DFA currently supports mobile networks, system integrators, hyperscalers, and ISPs in providing premium connectivity solutions to South African business and global players.


Herotel has been operating since 2013 and has quickly become household name in South Africa – known for their value for money, network quality, and customer service. Herotel connects over 160,000 homes and businesses across 400+ towns in South Africa.



SADV is one of South Africa’s pioneering fibre ISPs, having provided fibre to homes and businesses for over 11 years.  SADV leads the charge to bridge the digital divide by offering affordable (and fun) services to underserved communities through Vuma Reach.

Rise Telecoms

Rise Telecoms offers unique solutions to residential buildings and muti-dwelling units by providing easily accessible WiFi solutions, reducing the time for connectivity installation and creating a convenient and scalable solutions for property owners, students and public spaces.


Safety and Security



Vumacam leverages digital technology to offer advanced security services to both the public and private sectors. Through their extensive coverage of almost 7,000 CCTV cameras and state-of-the-art control room, Vumacam have actively reduced crime by assisting with up to 15 arrests per day.

Construction and Maintenance


BritelinkMCT offers an end-to-end service for fibre infrastructure networks, from planning and construction to maintenance and project management.  Deeply rooted in the telecommunications sector since 1997, BMCT boasts a unique blend of experience and expertise that makes them the preferred partner to fibre network operators.​